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MCAT Score Increases

That get you into medical school

+16 Points

Average Premier MCAT Prep

Score Increase

We're a new company. But we wanted to provide something other companies didn't - updating exams, according to our student's scores and their feedback. Having the right interface to be prepared for test day is important. So, we have developed our own MCAT test simulator, that accurately portrays the real test down to every last (legally allowed) detail. We will have a practice mode, but a life-like testing mode. That means no pausing, just like the real deal. 

It will be the most accurate simulation of the real MCAT yet. We currently have a free Half-Length Exam, with full length exams pending release after real MCAT score verifications. 

The Most Accurate Test Simulator


16+ Score Increase

Our tutors work extremely hard to tutor each student, and it shows. Our students earn, on average, a 16 point increase if they begin their MCAT journey with one of our tutors.

Individualized Teaching

Each person has their own unique learning style, so finding a tutor that matches your learning style is extremely important. That's why we don't lock you in to one tutor, and you can search until you find the perfect tutor for you.

Individualized Learning

We provide our tutors with a recommended curriculum - but they don't have to follow it! Each student learns different subjects at different times, so the tutors adjust to you.All of the tutors go through a rigorous screen done by 520+ scorers to ensure you get only the best.

Tutoring, when YOU want

Other companies have you pay ridiculous sums of money for tutoring. We provide hour-to-hour tutoring, so you can start, and stop, whenever you want, with no extra hidden fees, contracts, or nonsense.


Smarter Analytics and Individualized Pedagogy

We provide our tutors with a curriculum, but they aren't required to stick to it! Everybody learns differently, so why would we try and force a curriculum on you? Curriculum, to us, is more of a checklist. The MCAT is finite, and a fundamental understanding of the content is the start of your amazing score. Our tutors will make sure you get through every part of that "curriculum" with the knowledge needed to beat the MCAT.

We also keep track of each and every question you get wrong, so we can determine exact topic knowledge insufficiencies.

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The Best Prices.

Our prices cannot be beat. We're not a huge company. We're just a group of tutors. While other companies charge as much as $4,099 for a 10-session package ($410 per session) with a barely-90th percentile tutor, tutoring with our 520+ Tutors (95th percentile) starts at just $100 per session! Other companies charge as much as $14,999 for a 28-session package ($469 per session) with one of their head tutors, but meeting with our Head Tutors starts at just $120 per session! 

Premier MCAT Prep Tutoring vs others

Instructors Who Have Tutored in the Real World

Premier MCAT Prep was founded by a tutor, with other tutors. We all came together because we felt we could do better than any of our competition. Every tutor was chosen based on their teaching ability through a mock session. Our tutors are not like the big companies, you can actually ask to see their scores. The big companies also have identical pictures for many of their "elite" tutors. 

Each instructor we hire has been through multiple vetting hours by 520+ scorers, to ensure that they are not just able to achieve a high score, but be extraordinary teachers. Teaching is a skill that required learning in and of itself, and we only hire instructors that have demonstrated they can simplify complex scientific concepts in an understandable way and make it fun to learn!

Cordner MCAT Tutor
Giovanni MCAT Tutor
Bilal MCAT Tutor
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