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Our Services

Every tutor below is ready to help you reach your dream MCAT score, refine your medical school application, or hone your interviewing skills to perfection. Our tutor's prices vary depending on their respective MCAT Scores. You can see their MCAT score in their bio. They're required to show it (in real-time, on a live zoom call) if asked - so you can be sure you're getting the best tutoring. If you're studying with a friend, fill out our "find a tutor" form and indicate that it is for multiple people for a group price.

Feel free to check out the meet our tutors page!

You'll Love Your Tutoring - Guaranteed

Switch Tutors Anytime

If you don't like your tutor for any reason, you can switch! Whether it's lesson one or twenty, you have the freedom to switch.

Score Increase Guarantee

Eligible tutoring learners who do not increase their official MCAT score qualify for our score increase guarantee.

A Proven Approach to 
MCAT Mastery

All of our students begin by taking our full-length diagnostic MCAT exam, to give us a more detailed insight into where you're strengths and weaknesses are. When you're done, your MCAT tutor will craft a study plan that is catered to your specific weaknesses. We work with you to give you anything and everything required to raise your score 

Weekly Meetings

Most of our students meet with their tutor once or twice per week, typically for two hours. If you feel you need less, than that's okay! Remember, with us, you start when you want, and end when you want. At each tutoring session you’ll work with your private MCAT tutor to:

  • get thorough explanations to your questions about homework or test questions;

  • make adjustments to your study plan as is needed;

  • determine weaknesses, or cover new content;

  • get assignments that your tutor determines will be beneficial to you in preparation for test day!

Study Schedule

It's pretty well known that the study schedule for the MCAT is one of the hardest things to create. Every person is different, with different lifestyles and a different day-to-day. Your hobbies, family, friends, research, shadowing, and everything else important in the life of a pre-med, comes first. Thats why our tutors work with you to create the best schedule possible. 

Our tutors know what it takes to get that score, and they can help you do it too. We have tutors in every time zone, teaching from early morning to late night, to help you anytime you need. 

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