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About us all!

Below you'll find a photo and introduction for every tutor! 

Peter Takacs

I am a fourth year medical student, and aspiring Cardiothoracic Surgeon. I am the founder of Premier MCAT Prep, because I felt there was a better way to educate our future pre-meds than with the "big" companies that rip off the students and the tutors alike.

I earned a 523 on my MCAT, and an equally high percentile score on my USMLE step 1 and 2 exams.

I enjoy fixing things - engines, electronics, even old radios. I especially enjoy being able to tell patients "you can go home now." 

Peter Takacs MCAT Tutor

Keith Cordner

I am a 4th year medical student with 5 years of experience tutoring the MCAT (earning a 517), one year of Step 1 and Step 2 tutoring, with 270+ scores for both. I can help with test-taking skills, passage analysis, as well as content mastery.

I have tutored 3rd year medical students on the Shelf exams.

I'm able to help you create a schedule, with day to day assignments and study plan, while working on questions together, improving content mastery, and working on test taking skills.

I also assist on my school's applicant review board and have experience helping write and review personal statements 

Keith Cordner MCAT Tutor

Bilal Pandit

As a student who faced challenges when preparing to take the MCAT, Bilal understands the mental struggles that come with taking the MCAT beyond the content knowledge. Bilal loves to provide the confidence and reassurance for his students to work through that anxiety to reach their true potential. Having tutored undergraduate chemistry and biology since 2020, he has experience working with a variety of students and learning styles. Bilal scored a perfect 132 on the Psych/Soc section of the MCAT, and believes that everyone has the potential to achieve similar success.

Watching students work through problems and have those "lightbulb" moments are the highlights of his time spent teaching. He hopes to experience those moments with all the students he works with!

Currently, Bilal works as a healthcare consultant at a healthcare consulting firm in Los Angeles. When not working, Bilal loves to surf the waves, play beach volleyball, hit the gym, or play chess (despite being not the greatest at it).

Bilal MCAT Tutor

Srikhar Chilukuri

Hi! I’m Srikhar, a first year medical student with 2 years of tutoring experience in all pre-medical courses specially geared towards tackling the daunting MCAT exam. I have been able to help over 20 students so far on their own unique journeys, and


I am excited to welcome many more! Aside from dissecting and thoroughly explaining the content itself, I openly share the exact testing strategies and study tips that helped me improve my score 31 points. Through my own prep, I scored a 523 on the MCAT, and I aspire to help others score even better! Please reach out if I sound like a good fit for your needs.

Srikhar MCAT Tutor

Maya Ben Tov

Hello! My name is Maya. I raised my score from a diagnostic of 492 to a score of 510. I will focus on helping you build a study plan and use a question-based approach to teach you MCAT testing skills. I have been tutoring various stem subjects for 4 years and am confident in my ability to help you excel on the MCAT!

Maya MCAT Tutor

Giovanni Rodriguez

Hello! My name is Giovanni. I applied to 16 schools, received 14 interviews, and 7 acceptances. I earned a 508 on my MCAT, with a 3.5 GPA. I am excited to help you do the best on your interviews and application as possible! One of my favorite things is helping other students achieve the best person they can be. 

Giovanni MCAT Tutor

Parshan Mashhourinejad

Have you been studying for the MCAT using long, tedious textbooks and found yourself being confused and discouraged? I was in a similar position when I started my MCAT journey and no matter how hard I worked I just couldn't bring my score up. I was more than disappointed with myself as I had been achieving high grades in my university classes. It was at this point that I started to question why there was a discrepancy between my university classes and my MCAT score, and found that for most of my university classes I was provided deck slides that were narrated by my instructor which made the material much easier to comprehend.


I worked towards providing the same type of product that we are all accustomed to in our university lectures, but now for the MCAT! With these deck slides you can learn the biology section in the same manner that you have been learning and excelling in your university classes and get the marks that you deserve. So if you are ready to level up your MCAT score and master the biology section contact me!

Parshan MCAT Tutor

Lindsey Ruderman

Hello! My name is Lindsey and I am an incoming first year medical student. I scored a 520 on the MCAT (130 CARS) and am a CARS tutoring specialist. I'm excited to help you work on strategies to improve your reading skills and your reasoning through the questions. I want to build your confidence in CARS and help you achieve your goal score. Additionally, I provide application mentoring and editing for primary and secondary applications. After receiving 10 interviews and 4 acceptances myself, I am excited to help you put forth your best application and gain acceptance to medical school! 

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is foster kittens! 

Lindsey MCAT Tutor

Lauren Hinkley

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and am an incoming M1 offering application help. I am originally from the Los Angeles area, and graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor's of Science and Honors in Human Biology in 2021. Since then, I have been living in Washington DC and doing clinical research. Beyond my academic pursuits, I am very interested in running (I have run two marathons in the past year!), musical theatre, creative writing, and working within my community. I love getting to know people and can't wait to get to know you as we work together!


I found lots of success in my application cycle and hope to help you find the same success. After applying to 40 schools, I received 31 total interview invitations, went on 24 interviews, and received 20 acceptances. Among schools I was accepted to are Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, UCSF, Duke, WashU, Vanderbilt, and more as well as multiple full tuition merit scholarship offers. Additionally, I have 10 years of writing tutoring experience including 6 years of experience helping students with college applications, because of which I am very familiar with application style writing. So far, I have helped over 100 students in the medical school application process and would love to help you too!

Lauren MCAT Tutor

Thomas D. Walko III

Hi!  My name is Thomas.  I completed my undergraduate degrees in chemistry and biology at Carnegie Mellon, and a master's in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.  In 2023, after four months of dedicated studying, I scored 513 on the MCAT. 

Since 2009, I’ve been lucky enough to watch a compound I helped discover go from from an in-vitro assaying developed to multiple human Phase-II trials.  CT1812 is a first in class molecule that displaces amyloid beta oligomers from synapses, restoring function.  This drug acts via the Sigma-2 Receptor complex, and I’ve investigated the biology behind this mechanism of action for over a decade.  Over the Outside of science, I have a deep love for writing and literature - especially short stories.  I live in Pittsburgh with my wife and three children, ages 6, 4, and 3.  I also spent three years renovating a massive brick Victorian down to the studs, and a year and a half starting a neighborhood pizzeria. I like cats more than dogs. I'm an Eagle Scout, and Pirates fan.

Thomas Daniel Walker MCAT Tutor

Ali Hadi Mahfouz

Hello! I'm Ali Hadi Mahfouz. I'm a tutor based in Lebanon. I have just graduated and earned a degree in biology. The MCAT exam was a struggle to deal with at first, but with the right study methods and the suitable allocation of time my experience, the exam went better than expected. I scored a 96th percentile on the CP section, and I have tutored multiple students in this section. I also have experience in tutoring undergraduate organic chemistry, general chemistry and physics.

Doing well on the MCAT exam depends on a certain way of thinking and analysis. I believe that I'm capable of teaching you this strategy to reach your desired score or better. I'm excited to help you on this journey!

Hadi MCAT Tutor

Amy Du

Hi there! My name is Amy and I am in my second of three gap years before medical school. In college, I TA'd for many prerequisite classes, including biology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and general physics. In combination with my MCAT tutoring experience, I have nearly 4 years of teaching under my belt. Like many students, I started out feeling incredibly overwhelmed by the breadth and seemingly unpredictable nature of this exam. After going through a period of trial and error with my own studying, I found a strategy that helped me score a 524 on my MCAT, and a 520+ on all six AAMC practice exams.

I am excited to help students reach their full potential on this exam, from creating a schedule (and sticking to it!) to navigating and predicting AAMC question styles and logic.

Amy MCAT Tutor
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