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Premier MCAT Prep students raised their score by:

16 Points On Average*

From their initial diagnostic score to the official MCAT exam.

How can we make this happen?

We work hard - really hard - to ensure that you receive the best teaching possible. Being taught isn't just a job for us, it's one of our main sources of joy. That's the reason our selection process is so stringent. It's not enough for someone to get a good MCAT score to teach, they also need to demonstrate a love for teaching.

It doesn't just stop at 16 points.

The average improvement for our students is 16.13483 points to be exact. Even better, our student's average scores are over 513. Just over 85% of our students scored 10 points higher than their diagnostic, which is better than any of the other big-name companies. About 55% of our students score 16 points higher than their diagnostic, which is again, better than our competition. Where we really stand out, is with 24% of our students scoring more than 20 points better than their diagnostic. No matter what your starting score, we work with you to ensure you get the best tutoring and results possible. We make you work, and work with you, until you get that score. You can see our score guarantee here.

Want to see our data?

We don't hide it like other companies. We put it front and center for you to find it, in case you want to see our tutor's previous results. Some of the data comes from before we were founded, but they are from the same tutors you'll find here on the website. Try doing this on our competitions site, and watch how long it takes to find their data!

You've got this.

We know getting into Med School isn't easy. Every aspect of your life is seemingly put on trial. But, with the right MCAT score, getting in is that much easier. With more than 50% of our students scoring more than 16 points higher, it's clear how the choice to find a tutor through Premier MCAT Prep is obvious. With a 16 point increase, your chances of acceptance is nearly 425% higher. You deserve that white coat.

Price Difference Premier MCAT Prep





   19.6%    58.2%    63.1%   79.2%

Medical School Acceptance Rate

MCAT Score Increase

Is 16 points really a big deal?

Yup. A huge deal. It means the difference between the dreaded "we regret to inform you," and "Congratulations!" emails. If you're starting at around a 501, then it essentially means you WILL get accepted to a medical school. 

In 2020, the average MCAT score of medical school candidates was 506. The average MCAT score of accepted students was 511. This 5-point increase represents a shift from the 67th to the 82nd percentile.

Are you interested in attending competitive institutions, making up for a lower GPA, or would you be happy to simply being accepted? - That is possible with 16 points.

Whatever your reason is for finding us, we'll help you on your way to the best educators in the entire country. 

Rated 4.95 Out Of 5 Based on 138 reviews

A Proven Approach to 
MCAT Mastery

All of our students begin by taking our full-length diagnostic MCAT exam, to give us a more detailed insight into where you're strengths and weaknesses are. When you're done, your MCAT tutor will craft a study plan that is catered to your specific weaknesses. We work with you to give you anything and everything required to raise your score 

Weekly Meetings

Most of our students meet with their tutor once or twice per week, typically for two hours. If you feel you need less, than that's okay! Remember, with us, you start when you want, and end when you want. At each tutoring session you’ll work with your private MCAT tutor to:

  • get thorough explanations to your questions about homework or test questions;

  • make adjustments to your study plan as is needed;

  • determine weaknesses, or cover new content;

  • get assignments that your tutor determines will be beneficial to you in preparation for test day!

Study Schedule

It's pretty well known that the study schedule for the MCAT is one of the hardest things to create. Every person is different, with different lifestyles and a different day-to-day. Your hobbies, family, friends, research, shadowing, and everything else important in the life of a pre-med, comes first. Thats why our tutors work with you to create the best schedule possible. 

Our tutors know what it takes to get that score, and they can help you do it too. We have tutors in every time zone, teaching from early morning to late night, to help you anytime you need. 

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